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Every donation gets Savannah one step further over the rainbow!

We have researched numerous options to help Savannah.  We found out that foundations cannot be formed for one individual, so we have established a formal medical assistance trust for Savannah at Bank of America.  If you choose to help Savannah on her journey for Kalydeco, please know that your gift will be sincerely appreciated.  Please note that giving to a medical assistance trust is NOT tax deductible for the donor.  However, Savannah's parents can use the donations tax free to purchase Kalydeco for her.  Funds given to this trust can only be used for medication (primarily Kalydeco) and other expenses related to Savannah's medical condition.  Our only goal is to get Kalydeco for Savannah.  For more information regarding Kalydeco, please see this page:

All funds given on this site, by check or directly to the bank
will be deposited into the

Savannah E Fuller Medical Asst Trust

This trust ensures that your donation will go directly to supporting Savannah in her journey for Kalydeco and if necessary, other related medical needs only.

There are several ways you can help Savannah

  • Use the PayPal widget on this site to donate directly to Savannah's medical trust.
  • Go into any Bank of America Branch by the end of September and ask to donate to the Savannah E Fuller Medical Asst Trust.
  • Send a check made out to:
    Savannah E Fuller Medical Asst Trust

    And mail to:
    Savannah E Fuller Medical Asst Trust
    c/o Sam and Teresa Fuller
    28 East 48th Street
    Savannah, GA  31405

Special thanks to our dear friend and attorney, David Dickey, of Oliver Manner in Savannah, for his generous help creating and writing the medical trust for Savannah.  

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