Total Donations

Follow us here to track Savannah's progress over the rainbow.

We keep getting farther and farther over the rainbow.  Our total has climbed to $1345!  YAY!

A big thanks to our recent supporters--Traci, Laura, Beverly F., Patsy, Betty, Nana, and Aunt Bev & Uncle Jeff.  Thanks so much!!!!

Thank you, Ms. Kari, for thinking of me.  I really appreciate your donation!

Our hearts are overflowing! A sincere thanks to my Uncle Jerry for his contribution to my trust. :)

Thank you Shirley and Ceeky Chamness of Arizona for your generous donation!  We love you!

A heartfelt thanks to our friends at TrainMe 24/7 for making the first contribution to the trust.  Love you Drew, Shazi and London!

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